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Getting your brand on STV is an exciting time! We have taken brands of all sizes to STV and we know that it is a big step.  Our process is simple and we want to give you the best advice as well as the best ad! The first step is understanding your audience and the channel you are thinking about.  If you’ve not gone that far yet, talk to us about your objectives- it might be that we can save you some money! TV is great but it’s not always the best starting point.

Once we know that advertising on STV is right for you, we will make the ad that’s right for that audience- sometimes there can be more than one! We will handle everything from the planning of your campaign, what programming it appears between, creative planning and video production right through to the legal hurdles and transfer to STV for broadcast.  You’re in safe hands with Enterprise Screen TV Advertising and our team will make it easy for you.  Let’s get you on STV!

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Scottish Television Advertising

Some of our Ads in Action on STV

Wholesale Domestic:

We deliver a range of STV ads for this nation-wide brand.  Each season brings a new concept and delivers both a brand-build and product-focused series of ads, bumpers and online promotion.  This high-end concept brings the domestic products to life with complex animation over real life shots.  We like it!

Direct Flooring

Fast, quirky, focused on the flooring- our STV Ads for this national flooring brand really deliver.  We have regular versions covering seasonal sales as well as brand-building shots with stylish animation and live action.  For a while, we even had the pleasure of working with the legendary, Julian Clary!  These ads are a regular feature on STV- just switch on and you’ll likely see Direct Flooring most days!

Explore Largs

This famous, Scottish Seaside town was all over STV as they began to rebuild their profile with Scottish audiences.  Our ads covered multiple events- from Classic Car and Food Festivals to music and summer fun.  Some iconic locations feature including the unforgettable ice-cream at Nardini’s as well as the joy of fish and chips by the seaside.  The ads impacted on visitors to Largs by 600% alongside a smart social media and online campaign. Our concept of “Remember, Rediscover…” was built on research on the first things that our target audience thought about when thinking about Largs.

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