Power of Attorney Campaign

Power of Attorney: is for people like you

Client: NHS Scotland/HSCP Scotland
Details: This campaign targets a wide demographic using TV, Radio, Online, Social Media, PR, Out of Home (OOH) with highly-tailored messaging.
Active: 2013-Present


Our original challenge was simply to get audiences talking about Power of Attorney- something that many people were altogether unfamiliar, perhaps until it was too late.  The first campaign brought some well-known faces on the screen and helped introduce a Scottish audience on STV, Sky and Social to the concept.

The first stage of the campaign was highly successful- impacting not only on the target audience but also in general awareness.  As a result, we were commissioned to continue the campaign and it has been delivering year on year increases at over 30%.

We work with a highly-responsive approach- we look at what our audience tells us with detailed analytics and review and then develop content that works.  By knowing how our audience responds and what they most want, it is then possible to create videos that not only impact but are useful and are shared.

The “Mythbuster” Series tackled common misunderstandings around Power of Attorney and is still one of the most used pieces of content by both professional and consumer audiences.

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