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Channel 4 is now part of the Adsmart revolution

Do you know what Adsmart can do for your brand?  This is a revolution in TV advertising- bringing the best of digital analytics and targeting and combining it with the most popular way to consume content.  At the moment it’s almost marketing’s best kept secret. But the time is right to find out and to start building it into your plan. We love it and are proud to be the official Sky Adsmart partner for Scotland.  This means we can deliver campaigns across all Sky Channels, all Virgin TV channels, Channel 5 and Channel 4, alongside our ITV and STV capabilities.

Without question Sky Adsmart is right for your brand – whether you’re in B2B or B2C it is easily the most powerful tool out there for TV and nothing can compete for the sheer brilliance of the targeting. If you sell Conservatories, why show your ad to people living in flats? Know your buyers are always singles in their early 30s, why show it to the older couples? Sky Adsmart allows you to do this and more – right down to the individual postcode. And with data sets from some of the leading brands in the country – including Tesco Clubcard, Experian, Boots Advantage and more – we can pinpoint your audience and save you money.

This is TV Advertising at its best: targeted, intelligent and cost-effective. You really need to find out more.

Sky AdSmart can help you do more with social and online

The incredible data that Sky Adsmart uses is not only relevant to your TV audience. With the right campaign you can also build insights to your audience and buyers – then use this alongside your social and web analytics to get better again. You know your audience – you can know them better with Sky Adsmart.

We can deliver campaigns that target different messages to different groups. If you know that the older audience buy in the winter to save money…tell them and only them. The younger buyer spends at the start of the summer to be part of the trend…tell them that! Our creative is not just good looking – it works.

As always, we want you to come to us with your marketing wish list – then we can help you find out what’s right. If it’s Sky Adsmart then we’ll make it work for you but we know that it has to be part of the bigger picture – consistency across your channels is essential. That’s where we work best.



Why use AdSmart with Channel 4

Want to know what Sky Adsmart can do for your business? Head of Sky AdSmart Local & Development, David Sanderson, explains it all.

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