University of Mary Washington

Brand and Application Boost

Client: University of Mary Washington, Virginia, USA
Details: A range of social media video and Comcast TV advertising to increase visibility in target demographics as well as increase applications
Duration: 2016-present


Initially, the University of Mary Washington (UMW) contacted us to talk about creating a specific video project.  Like so many other clients do, we are brought in to simply make a video that has already been imagined.  We listened, we asked questions, we wanted to understand why they wanted to make this video.  We offered our advice alongside a quote to do the work originally outlined.

With a progressive and intelligent marketing team already in place at UMW they were delighted that we were more than just a video company.  They collaborated with our initial ideas and so, The New Guy series was born- a completely different product from their original concept of simply filming an inauguration of a new, university president.

The first series produced for UMW, The New Guy, was the most successful video project they had ever created.  Not only did it have the highest engagement but it reached audiences they had previously been unable to hook.

This content-led approach continues to be key to video for UMW- it developed into several series including Courageous Conversations and YOUniquely UMW which both worked on TV as well as online.

Let's do this (by this we mean, get results from your video marketing!)