About Enterprise Screen

Why Use Video?

Enterprise Screen has video at the heart of everything we do- but we offer more than this. Our experience across broadcast, online and social media campaigns helps us to deliver results for our clients with creativity and style. We help to make a campaign go further by delivering original ideas and concepts across a number of digital mediums and we do it all with a close eye on quality and cost-effective methods.It is an exciting time for video marketing. It is used not just for advertising and sales but also for engaging audiences with original content and it is becoming increasingly essential to have it as part of all messaging.

Creative Video Communications: online, on TV, for presentations and events

We support the complete video process: ideas generation, objective and outcome alignment, testing and audience segmentation, assessing inputs and establishing methodologies, creating video with interviews, visuals and graphics, outputting stills and b-roll sequences for media and alternative product use (sales, marketing, written and online publications), post-production editing, sound and vision mixing, library visuals management, online and social media sharing. Our products are about engaging the right audience in the right place. We deliver creative marketing content for: video, radio, print, online, public space advertising and beyond- taking your campaign budget and making it work hard. Our creativity starts with the vision of the right campaign and builds the components to succeed.

Global capabilities, local delivery

We have an established base in Scotland and the USA. Our core team work from these offices delivering global services with the right balance of local and international inputs: anywhere you do business we can bring video production solutions.

  • Enterprise Screen has helped us raise the bar with our video communications.  We've had a lot of feedback from employees saying they've really enjoyed some of the high-quality videos we've been able to share with them. 

    - Lisa Babington, O-I, Inc

  • We knew it was vitally important to use a team that could translate our alternative vision from words to screen with ease; Enterprise Screen have done this and then some. They have captured our unique approach in promoting one of Scotland's most recognised products and we will certainly be working with them again in the future.

    - David McLauchlan- Dram2o

  • I just wanted to express my thanks  for a job well done.  I set you a  difficult timescale and you delivered.  Please pass my thanks to the rest of the team for pulling out the stops for me.

    - Graham Carson, Head of Materiel Business

  • We found working with the team at Enterprise Screen very beneficial for our advertising campaign which has been very successful this year.  They took on board our requirements and our TV advert is exactly what we were looking for - we are looking forward to working with everyone again soon.

    - Gillian Rankin, Heads of Ayr Farm Park

  • Enterprise Screen's response was spot on: capturing iconic scenes and activities which Largs is famous for. The camera work was first class, and the value for money of the finished TV ad was excellent.

    - John Hamilton Explore Largs

  • The big thing for me was being asked "what are the key messages that you want to get across", you helped us do that in a way that we could not have done on our own.

    - Marie Valente, Child Protection Unit, NHS GGC

  • Enterprise Screen's key strength: it's the willingness to try new approaches, the enthusiasm they show for their clients and the customer service we received. I would definitely recommend Enterprise Screen and will work with them again.

    - Malcolm Davidson, International House

  • Enterprise Screen have skill and vision straddling all aspects of business and life. Within each business and person there is a story... their job is to get it out... and they do!

    - Jacquie Lindsay, St Margaret of Scotland Hospice

  • The people at Enterprise Screen are highly knowledgeable, professional and full of great ideas to help us make best use of the work we have commissioned.

    - Niki Spence, Clyde Gateway

  • The Enterprise Screen team immediately understood our needs and helped us create a memorable product that has proved its worthtime and again. First class production with a creative flair.

    - John Shaw, Fringe by the Sea

  • The team were excellent in making our families feel relaxed in front of the camera and were very accommodating to our team making lots of last minute changes, thank you for your patience! We are so so pleased with the finished article...definitely come recommended!

    - Emma Douglas, NHS GGC

  • You clearly understood the visual impact we wanted to make as well the concise message we wanted to convey. Typically, we needed everything done yesterday! It was great you had the flexibility to meet (and exceed) our requirements.

    - Anne Shiels, South Lanarkshire Council

  • Enterprise Screen always work hard to understand what it is we are trying to achieve. They become part of our team and help us to deliver beyond our capabilities internally- driving new ideas and methods of communication.

    - Warren Hawke, PFA Scotland

TV Advertising

Reach a wide audience with TV advertising. We offer complete production services for advertising online and for all UK networks- taking the hassle out of dealing with multiple agencies. You can target parts of Scotland with a regional campaign on STV, C4 or go even more granular with a Sky Adsmart campaign. We offers great potential cost savings- our products are professional and affordable and can work on TV, online and beyond. From ideas generation and complex campaign development, we can set-up and manage your advertising, purchase your campaign across TV and online and promote your video on social media. TV advertising works- we have delivered high-impact campaigns that have launched brands and delivered sales objectives. Talk to us now about your campaign and read about some of our successes here.

Online Promotion and Advertising

Reach a wide audience with television advertising. We offer production services for advertising online with targeted audiences. Reach your potential with online promotion- we have expertise and proven success managing Youtube and Facebook campaigns with video and google ads combining to deliver results. We can set-up and manage your media project, promoting multiple messages to segmented audiences. We will engage with the analytics to give you in-depth results about your video's online performance and demographics so that you can see your success.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video has advanced to become the go-to medium for engaging employees and sharing messaging. Our process begins with detailed consultancy- finding out what your objectives are and developing key, measurable, performance indicators that allow you to demonstrate RoI with video communications.

Motion Graphics Animation

We offer a complete motion graphics animation service- a simple and effective way to communicate complex information to your audience or to add something different and interesting to advertising or online video. We can deliver 2d and 3d options and will creatively integrate graphics to your campaign and messaging. From simple explainers to complex advertising for online, TV or cinema.

Internal and External Communications

Our highly skilled staff at Enterprise Screen work to ensure your target audiences are addressed by providing a professional, engaging and dynamic film that generates the best results. From corporate video and company case-studies to events and marketing videos, we will work in partnership to share your company’s success, objectives, and results with your internal and external audiences.

Training and Information Films

Enterprise Screen offer video communications solutions for your business; B2B, B2C, employee and client communication. If you have a message you want to communicate to a large audience, work with us to create the perfect video. We make professional, corporate videos to the highest standard and we will work with you to ensure that your corporate videos meet all of your specifications and that they exceed your expectations. Deliver training and achieve results with video.

E-Learning and Video Tutorials

Enterprise Screen understand the importance of training and education within any business - big or small. We have a team of production professionals who aim to work with you to create innovative and engaging e-learning products. There are many platforms to train and educate your team through media – from filming conferences, lectures, webinars and events to creating and filming dramatic scenarios and documentaries. We believe there should be confidence in learning and through our creative educational videos, you can drive education and promote success.

Electronic Press Kits, B-Roll, and PR

Prepare for presentations, campaigns and press releases. We offer video production services to prepare you for every event; interviews, presentations, trailers, campaigns, press releases and B-roll footage. We will work with you to create professional, presentable and impressionable videos for your needs.