Enterprise Screen is looking for the right person to bring our productions together.  Some skills are a given- professional, highly-organised, agile and enterprising…but we know you’ll have some ideas, too!  We need our production coordinator to bring together all of our work in Advertising and Video campaigning.

Our clients come from every sector you can imagine and range in size from recognised local brands to international, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.  What they get from Enterprise Screen is video at its best- video that works.  We deliver TV campaigns in partnership with ITV, Sky, C4.  We campaign with video across all social channels and we deliver the best B2B video for our clients.  Our team covers a broad range of disciplines and everyone has a key strength they bring.  Our Production Coordinator brings it all together- with our freelance and supplier network- to make the best video campaigns for our clients.

The Production Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Working with clients from first contact to ensure the right product and service comes together
  • Bringing the key skills together from our in-house team and, where required, freelance support
  • Planning and organising of shoots- including booking of talent, crew, kit, locations in partnership with creative director
  • Preparing of call sheets, risk assessments and crew input
  • managing Pre-production, shoot / edit / and project management budgets
  • clearing all Ads through clearcast and other legal compliance
  • cost tracking and project management
  • Sourcing freelance and suppliers
  • Working with the production and creative team to ensure shoots are planned efficiently

The successful candidate will have:

  • previous experience within the production environment, demonstrating knowledge of planning shoots;
  • Worked with clearing TV ads through legal and compliance
  • experience of cost tracking and producing production budgets and knowledge and understanding of production workflows
  • Understanding and experience of all stages of video production
  • Preparation of quotes and outlines for clients
  • Experience using project management tools and software


May involve travel and some out of hours/weekend work.

Salary dependant on experience and is negotiable

Statutory pension benefit

Please forward your CV and Introductory letter to tony@enterprisescreen.com by 3pm, 29th October 2019.