Advertise on STV? Get the right agency first (we mean us)

Getting your brand onto STV in Scotland can be great for business.  But we always say, if you call STV they can only sell you STV.  We offer free, independent advice on where your brand will work best and help you maximise your advertising spend. 

STV Advertising is great for brand building- just look at some of the companies in our portfolio and you will surely have seen them, year after year, build their names.  Some of the biggest Scottish brands have used STV to get them there.

Our advice is to always get the right creative team alongside the right advice- and that’s where we can help you.  Don’t take a chance on a big spend on marketing on TV without knowing how your audience will respond, what messaging is most effective and where your audience are.  Online and social media spends can be tiny in comparison and can save you a fortune when making the jump to TV. 

With great content, great reach and being the flagship commercial TV channel in Scotland, there is a lot to love about STV.  We have had years of great success with campaigns that use STV as part of their strategy.  

Talk to us now and we can make STV Advertising work for you in Scotland.