Advertise your brand on Sky TV with Enterprise Screen

Why use Sky Admsmart? Well it’s simple: you can speak directly to the audience that’s relevant to your brand.  You can reach ONLY the people that you know buy your product.  And with some of the best content on TV you can be sure you’re in the right place to take your message into smart marketing.

Our partnership with Sky Adsmart announced today brings together the best creative advertising with the smartest TV platform available in Scotland.  If you don’t know how it works then checkout some of our video content and our Sky Adsmart page. 

The process is fast, simple and it’s not just your ad apend that’s targeted- our creative is carefully managed to ensure the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.  Head of Sky Adsmart, David Sanderson was delighted to find Enterprise Screen as a partner in Scotland:

“Good creative content is critical to this whole process.  What’s great about working with Enterprise Screen is that here’s a business that makes great quality content at sensible prices and really undestands customer’s business to identify what is the key message to make the most of that 30 second opportunity”.

To give you and idea of what Sky TV can do with your marketing budget it is important to understand how you pay for your audience currently.  With Adsmart you can advertising to a specific region, city or even postcode and only pay when 75% of your ad has been seen, rather than just a few seconds.  This is completely different to mass market TV and is more like online targeting.  Plus, the reporting you get back gives you insight beyond just TV figures- it tells you about the audience you need to target.

Creative Director, Jamie Smith is excited by the partnership:

“If your product is only purchased by people who own cars, why advertise to people that don’t?  I’ve met with companies of all shapes and sizes and it is amazing how few really know how Sky Adsmart works.  There is very often the assumption that because it is a subscription service, the cost of advertising will be higher than STV- that is simply the most amazing fact I get to share.  It is not. Yes, the data and targeting is incredible but when you can run a campaign, targeting only the people that buy your product for less than £5,000 it’s just a no-brainer.  I’ll go out on a limb with this one- if you’re using TV advertising for your brand and NOT using Sky Adsmart as part of it, you’re possibly insane or stupid…or both!”

If you want to get your brand noticed with TV and you want to only pay to advertise to the people you know buy your product, Sky TV is the place for you.