During the first week of March, Enterprise Screen had the opportunity to travel to the GolfNow HQ in Belfast. With over 6000 courses represented by the GolfNow app, this international client wanted a light-hearted and visually recognisable series of commercials that would appeal to their UK user base. This was a challenge we were excited to take on!  With a shared love of golf and technology it was a match made…on a golf course!  Our Digital Filmmaker, Glen, writes about getting stuck into some golf filming fun in Belfast!

Initial planning 

In creating a successful advertising campaign it is important to create a clear visual identity and so we scripted for a consistent narrative and style across our commercials. GolfNow gave us the freedom to come up with our own creative concept for the the commercials and we knew we could create a series of ads and idents that capture GolfNow’s unique selling points. What better way to bring their product to life than to show how it facilitates the escape from the downsides of the 9-5 lifestyle (be it a colleague with poor hygiene or the commute to work) to a beautiful day on the golf course. In achieving this we thought we could have some fun with golf terms that have a different meaning on and off the course, and so we set out to provide four script options for this.

Here at Enterprise Screen we know how to make cost effective video and when the client was happy with the finalised scripts we knew that with some diligent planning and hustle on the day we could deliver all four scripted commercials.

Arriving at the GolfNow HQ we met with GolfNow’s marketing manager-with a keen eye for detail, and with her selected cast of enthusiastic GolfNow employees- we had no problem in getting the performances we needed for each shot.

Shooting smart 

With only one day to film all of the office interior shots and the next morning to get the golf course shots we knew we were going to have to get creative under pressure. In developing a fun and recognisable tone for all four commercials, we looked to the idiosyncratic style of Hollywood director, Wes Anderson (yes, really!). Adopting his conviction for symmetrical framing, profile shots, pastel colours and camera pans.

In delivering in this concept you might see some interesting shots.  We used an overhead rig to get those aesthetic birds-eye view shots and we’re delighted with the results!

One particularly inspired moment of Wes Anderson emulation, much to the excitement of our crew, was the attachment of a prop to our camera rig as it travelled along our wally dolly (a track we lay out for the camera).

Our lucky charms!

The beautiful, Royal Belfast Golf Club made for an excellent second location. Luckily for us, the sun was shining as we picked up those essential golf shots. Our cast may have been made up of real, GolNow staff actors, challenged by the stress of hitting their mark everytime, but there was certainly no stress when it came to hitting the ball.  They are, perhaps unsurprisingly, excellent golfers! The oldest course in Ireland didn’t look bad on camera either.

It is most unfortunate that with the development of the COVID-19 crisis, many international golf tournaments have been postponed this year.  Many golf courses are now shut across the UK as well.  But one thing is for sure: when golf courses do eventually reopen, GolfNow will be ready for the bounce with an exciting and fun campaign.