Seriously smart campaigns for health, social and local authorities: Adsmart from Sky

Cut out waste in your campaigns- smart marketing is data driven.

Driving messaging to local audiences is important- from changes to council tax to health and social issues, it all has to be tailored to your audience.  Social media offers a good methodology but the reach and impact can sometimes be frustrating, particularly if engagement in a particular subject is hard to achieve.  By getting your message alongside high-quality, high-impact content, you can be sure to reach your audience.  Smart TV is a revolution in advertising and marketing- taking messages to audiences in a familiar and proven medium but with a cost profile that makes more sense than linear TV.  And, unlike using STV, you don’t have to tell people outside of your area.  Only target people that you want to with Adsmart.

Audience-specific ads
Local issues
Change behaviour

Sky AdSmart can help you do more with social and online

You can target just the postcodes that you need to- ring-fence your local authority or HSCP area.  Or, you can target those that you need to impact- families with kids; older, affluent couples; pet owners for dog waste (always an issue!)…the list of targeting options is extensive. With some smart planning across your marketing and campaigning outputs, Adsmart can deliver a big reach with highly-trackable results.  And, it doesn’t have to cost the earth!  Local campaigns start from as little as £3,000.

Smart big campaigns know that spending smart money on smart marketing generates more impact and more change.

This is TV Advertising at its best: targeted, intelligent and cost-effective. You really need to find out more.



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We can work with existing footage or create you a new ad from scratch- it can be simple with images and animation or a full on shoot.  We make ads work.

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