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We know that you will have a particular audience that you target most for your location- whether families for the holidays or couples for weekend visits…you know what works best for your business.  Does your current marketing take account of audiences? Are you using social media to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time?

We think we can help you do more- grow your audience and impact in the travel and tourism sector.  We can take your brand to a highly-targeted audience with great video and messaging in partnership with the world’s best content.


Scottish TV Advertising

Sky AdSmart can help you do more with social and online

How It Works
Great Ads for great destinations.
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Target a Postcode

You most likely don’t know what Adsmart from Sky is and what it can do for your brand – you’re not alone. At the moment it’s almost marketing’s best kept secret. But the time is right to find out and to start building it into your plan. We love it and are proud to be the official Sky Adsmart partner for Scotland.  With some smart planning across your marketing outputs, Adsmart can deliver a big reach with highly-trackable results.  And, it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

If you know your target is families with kids within 10 miles of your location,  why show your ad to older ladies 100 miles away? Think of Adsmart as social targeting with the reach of great, TV content- sport, entertainment, movies, documentaries and more make up the sky platform.  Sky Adsmart allows you to do this and more – right down to the individual postcode. And with data sets from some of the leading brands in the country – including Tesco Clubcard, Experian, Boots Advantage and more – we can pinpoint your audience and save you money.

This is TV Advertising at its best: targeted, intelligent and cost-effective. You really need to find out more.



Hotels, Attractions, Leisure and Destinations- know your audience? Get your message out!

We can work with existing footage or create you a new ad from scratch- it can be simple with images and animation or a full on shoot.  We make ads work.

Let's do this (by this we mean, get results from your video marketing!)