6. Video Marketing Campaigns

6. Video Marketing Campaigns

Does your business need support to develop an online marketing campaign? Enterprise Screen can provide all the support required to get your message in front of your target audience. We can help you turn content into clicks and clicks into customers. To accompany your video, we can create and manage dedicated social media to help your campaign gain a wide audience, monitor the analytics and ensure that you are reaching your audience in the most effective way possible. By combining video and social media, you can be sure that your campaign will be effective!

The examples of online campaigns below have been accompanied by targeted online advertising in order to boost the visibility, likability and share-ability of the video. Our video marketing campaigns have been very successful for clients in all sectors. Tell us who you want to reach and we will design the campaign for you.

Myths about PoA

This campaign had huge impact across social media- you can see the results and impact by looking at the 'My Power of Attorney' facebook page. These films presented real fact and busted the myths in a fun, fast and simple way. Over the length of the campaign, we continuously analyse data in order to better understand our marketing strategy as it continues to run.

Working with Tesco

Online campaigns are not always just about sales. This campaign for Tesco was about engagement and sharing success. As an emotional and longer-format film, it brought audiences from all over the UK to this great story.