5. Internal Video Communications

5. Internal Video Communications

Want to get your employees talking? Get them on message, motivated, understanding change and learning new things? We know that by introducing video to your regular communications you can boost engagement by 80%. We produce videos that help you to engage your workforce, whether it is big or small. Video is a key communication tool for companies throughout the year. It can be used to communicate messages from CEOs and internal changes in the company, build morale, motivate the workforce, inform, train and update.

Video is now so integrated into our daily lives that it's the perfect way to communicate with your employees. It can be shared widely, easily and instantly across a number of devices and platforms in order to make sure that your message is accessible as possible to everyone. We can even translate it into any language you like! The nature of internal communications makes this hard to share but you will get a flavour from these examples. Talk to us to find out more.

Sartorious Staff Profile

With a constantly growing workforce and a wide range of roles and skills, these films help this international bio-tech company to introduce staff and positions. A simple process brought about multiple profiles- helping them communicate with their own team and beyond having recently been part of an acquisition.

Welcome to O-I

This film brought together "self-generated" video content from around the world to help welcome the new staff as part of a global acquisition. We worked with a global network to create this fun, personal and engaging film with great results.