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TV Ads vs Social Media

17AprTV Ads vs Social Media

Scottish TV Advertising or Social Media for Scottish Business? 

We deliver TV advertising and Social Media campaigns in Scotland and around the world, and over the last five years we have seen huge changes in the ability to reach audiences with online communications and social media. However, the place for television advertising and traditional media is not forgotten and can still work if planned correctly.  Our best advice- don't rush in! Start small, start online and here's why.  

There are many campaigns, companies, products and services that will always benefit from the mass exposure that TV provides but the landscape has changed, in particular over the last 6 to 9 months.  We have seen a shift in the approach from the social media giants- they have responded to audiences and in some ways, taken down their own market share in an effort to sdtay relevant.  What does this mean for you?

In short, it has become much harder to directly target audiences using social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and the other).  They have announced over the past six months or so that they will be using a content-led approach to delivering content to you on social media.  This means they will not be priortising straight advertising and will instead be attempting to place information and materials in front of you that they have "learned" is more relevant to you. 

Yes, they are learning.  They know your behaviour, your interests, your comments, your friends and a whole lot more but don't be put off by this- it simply means they are trying tp understand you as an audience more. 

In fact, we would suggest you might want to go in and switch of all the settings that learn about your likes and dislikes and see how annoying it can become!  Relevant content is better than completely irrelvant content so don't be scared by this process!  It is also good news for content creators (like us) and for the smart companies that are ready to switch to this approach. 

In this new world order, to get social media working for your brand you need to fundamentally change how you think about social media.  As a result, and for a very short while at least, we think this will bring a very slight up-swing towards using television as a mass marketing medium.

The cost of using television, radio or public space is significant- if you've tried it you will know that the only real way to get a good result is to keep spending and spend more and more.  It is VERY expensive for most businesses and, if managed badly, can deliver very bad RoI (return on investment). 

We believe that social media still offers great value but it is in no way the big hit the TV gives.  We would always advise  starting with social media and this is the key learning to take from this article. 

The costs of generating content for social, testing markets, audience insights, responsiveness and perhaps most importantly what doesn't work with them is significantly lower in social media advertising.   It is arguable that a budget of just a few hundred pounds in promotion and a few carefully made videos can give you a massive kickstart.

Once you have a better understanding of your audience you have the option to move to more mass media outlets but you are in a much better place.  In fact, we will go on record saying it is absolute madness to go on TV without an online campaign. 

So, talk to us now- when we make video campaigns for our clients in the B2B or B2C space, we are always thinking about where their campaign can go next.  And, if TV advertising in Scotland or beyond is right for you- we can help you get there.






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