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Scottish TV advertising delivers amazing results

10OctScottish TV advertising delivers amazing results

With the right campaign, creative and planning, an advertising campaign can deliver high-impact and RoI. 

But advertising on TV in Scotland is much more effective when combined with a smart, creative online campaign across social media and web. With our ongoing work for the NHS, we have seen Power of Attorney applications increase by more than 50%.

According to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), over the last 5 years, power of attorney (PoA) applications have increased by more than 50%. OPG is now processing more than 300 new PoA's each working day!

Glasgow City's 'My Power Of Attorney' campaign has been promoting the importance of having a PoA for the last 4 years- using Scottish TV advertising, Sky AdSmart Advertising and a range of creative social media video, content and campaigns.  The work of our agency, Enterprise Screen, has had a significant impact on the number of PoA registrations- and it’s been backed up by independent analysis and publications. In year 1 of the campaign, PoA applications in Glasgow City increased by 24% as direct result of the advertising campaign. (*Levin et al 2017)

To date the number of people who have registered a Power Of Attorney in Scotland is now approximately 550,000; although not everyone who has registered a PoA will still be alive today.

However, despite the increase in applications, this means it is likely that less than 10% of the adult population is currently covered by a power of attorney.

Power of Attorney allows you to safeguard your future, should you lose the capacity to make decisions for yourself. Glasgow resident and dementia campaigner, Tommy Whitelaw, experienced first hand the challenges that arise when no PoA has been put in place.

As a result of the incredible results and the creative energy of one part of the ongoing campaign, the Power of Attorney Christmas 2016 TV Ad has been nominated for a Scottish Creative Award. NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Enterprise Screen Productions are honoured to be selected as one of the nominees in the Commercial £20k or less category. The TV advert, “Even Santa Needs A Power of Attorney” was created by Enterprise Screen Productions. The brief was to create an upbeat Christmas advert to raise awareness about power of attorney. Enterprise Screen delivered an advert featuring Santa discussing power of attorney to present an often intimidating legal process in a positive and lighthearted way.  It also had a fun, creative and complimentary online campaign covering Facebook, Twitter and Web-based video advertising.  

The television advert reached well over a million people and was part of a comprehensive awareness campaign throughout the 2016 Christmas season.  But it’s not just about TV! As we always say to our clients- the best mediums for their message are very often a multiple-level campaign.  Our targeted approach to all of our products allows us to leverage video, visuals, content and more.  Enterprise Screen also created and managed public space adverts in Glasgow Central and on the Subway and ran a video-led social media campaign that drove traffic to the website, which was branded in coordination with the Christmas campaign.

Jill Carson, who leads the Power of Attorney Campaign for Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership and other partners, said: “We were delighted at the response to our Christmas PoA campaign, which appeared on TV and social media as well as Glasgow’s Central Station and subway.  Appointing an attorney is the most important step that people can take to safeguard their future, and we think the Christmas campaign was very effective in highlighting that”.

Jamie Smith, Founder and Executive Director for Enterprise Screen Productions said: “This is a great achievement for the team and for our client. For the past 3 years we have worked with one of the most creative, responsive and results-driven teams to help shape the impact of this campaign.  It has been fun, challenging but above all, satisfying to see our work change how the public have changed their behaviour and understanding of PoA. Ultimately, in this business, we all love to see a commercial that is memorable and imaginative but in reality, it’s the results that count. I think we can all be proud of the “Even Santa Needs a Power of Attorney” advert and this prestigious nomination, but we can be even happier still that it has had such a positive impact for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde”.



*Levin KA, Carson J, Crighton E. Measuring the impact of a public awareness campaign to increase Welfare Power of Attorney registrations in Scotland. Age & Ageing 2017; 46: 659-664.




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