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Have you got the skills? We want them.

25AprHave you got the skills? We want them.

As a wise man once said "We have the tools, we have the talent!"...only to be disappointed that the monster was not, in fact, dead...We currently have the tools and some of the talent but we need more.  Can you be our Winston Zeddemore?  Have you even seen the oringinal Ghostbusters?  If the answer is yes, and yes, read on.  

ESP (enterprise screen to those in the know) is growing.  We've been growing since we started, every year and now we're getting big.  We love Glasgow and that's our home but we also have offices in the US and we plan on more.  It's the right time to get the right people working with us- we know it's an exciting time for video marketing and communications.  Video is everywhere- it's every day, everywhere, everyone...we make great video.  

Our products are used not just for traditional advertising and sales but also for engaging audiences with original content.  Our kind of video has become increasingly essential to have it as part of all messaging in the consumer and B2B marketplace.  And now, over to you:   

Our Glasgow Team is expanding- you can be part of this.  Find any or all of the jobs you think you can do for us, click the link, send us your info and we will take it from there.  

Business Development Managers


About us:

Enterprise Screen creates engaging video and it is at the heart of everything we do- but we offer more than this.  Our experience across broadcast, online and social media campaigns helps us to deliver results for our clients with creativity and style.  We help to make a campaign go further by delivering original ideas and concepts across a number of digital mediums and we do so at an affordable cost.  


We require highly-motivated, creative and enterprising people to join our team.

Our products are about speaking to the right audience in the right place but it’s not just video.  We deliver creative marketing content for: video, radio, print, online, public space advertising and beyond.  Our creativity starts with the vision of the right campaign and builds the components to succeed.    

All of our roles bring the opportunity to learn, grow and experience video media at its best and we need driven, results-focused and creative people to help our clients hit their goals.  Be part of our small but global company.  Your input and creativity will be part of our work delivering for our clients- we think local and deliver global.

Business Development Managers

What we offer:

An opportunity to be part of a great really, we only hire great people, it's one of our rules.  You will get the chance to work with vibrant, fun and creative people.  

Every day is different- we work with so many clients and so many different industries that no two days are different.  We work around the world and have offices in the US and in Scotland.  

If you like to travel, we offer this too.  Our team have travelled around the world with our projects and this is growing all of the time- China, Malaysia, Dubai, Peru, Colombia, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Skye, Dunfermline, Shotts and all across the US.  That's just last year!  

We are growing- it is a great time to begin your journey with us.  We want you to see what the world looks like with Enterprise Screen.  Apply now if you fit the bill.



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