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Who\'s who? Martin Heron

20DecWho's who? Martin Heron


This week we’ll be speaking to our freelance filmmaker Martin! Our freelancers are crucial for when we need another pair of hands and Martin is our go-to guy for editing. 


Hello Martin! Tell us a bit about yourself. 


Ahoy! My name is Martin, I work on a freelance basis as an editor for Enterprise Screen. I’m originally from Paisley, but currently I live three doors down from the office. It’s a terrifying commute.


What did you do before Enterprise Screen?


Since I graduated from Glasgow Uni in 2012, I’ve been building a network of clients and contacts in commercial and corporate video as production coordinator and lead filmmaker at Particular Films, another Glasgow-based production company. It was a slog to work freelance at first, but after four years I’m finally feeling like I’m on pretty solid footing.


What made you choose this career path? 


I’ve always been very creative, and had planned to go into a music-based career before I got into student filmmaking at university. I do actually prefer working in commercial and corporate video to going the short-films-and-festivals route that I know many people in my position choose. It’s helped me develop technical skills, build a good workflow, and develop strong formulas for all different kinds of video content. Sounds boring, but to be creative you’ve got to understand the basics!


What is your USP?


Efficiency is the buzzword. I keep a very tidy, organised editing workflow (hint: transcribe EVERYTHING) so that I, or any other editors taking over, don’t get overwhelmed by the “where-the-hell-is-that-effing-clip” of it all. I’ve got a strong background not just in editing but also in directing, camera operation and project development.


Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen?


I knew a few people working with Enterprise Screen already and was impressed by the quality of the projects they were a part of, and continue to be impressed by the standard of work that the company keeps. Also, did I mention I live three doors away?


Name a memorable project with ESP and what made it so special.


I liked working on the Continuous Improvement project for O-I. It was a pretty hefty project with lots of interviews and several days’ worth of footage, and it was almost entirely myself working on it from start to finish. It got some nice compliments from the O-I bosses too!


Any standout funny moments at Enterprise Screen?


Everything that Jamie did on camera for the Discover Scotland project. Remember the 1945 Jacobite rebellion?


What is you next big goal/ambition?

Financial prosperity. Also, I just bought a drone with Arif, so in the short term some kickass aerial footage would be lovely.


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