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Who\'s who? Emma Dalziel

12DecWho's who? Emma Dalziel


This week we’ll be speaking to our newest graduate to join our team, Emma! Looking after accounts for ourselves and our clients, Emma is in charge of creating and managing content across our various social media platforms.


Hi Emma, tell us a bit about yourself! 


Hello! My name is Emma, the Social Media Coordinator here at Enterprise Screen. I’m originally from Troon - no I can’t play golf.


What did you do before Enterprise Screen? 


Before Enterprise Screen I studied degrees in Journalism and Television Fiction Writing at GCU. I also worked as a makeup artist and skincare consultant for a company called Space NK for 5 years. If anyone needs to find out what foundation matches their skin tone…?


What made you choose this career path?


I’ve always loved stories and language from a young age. When I started at school I found that English and creative writing were strengths of mine. I never wanted to be one of those people that hates their job and felt that media production was an exciting, challenging and creative environment to work in.


What is your unique selling point?


When there’s something i’m really passionate about, I put all of my energy into it. The great thing about Enterprise Screen is that everyone is doing something that they enjoy, while at work. That’s almost unheard of!


Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen? 


The job itself felt like a really good fit for me - as soon as I saw it advertised online I knew it would be an amazing opportunity to have. Enterprise Screen as a company appealed because of the broad range of clients it has worked for over the years, as well as the end product.


Name a memorable project with ESP and what made it so special. 


The Christmas campaign for My Power of Attorney was a pretty surreal one to get into during my first couple of months. I remember sitting at my desk in October with auditioning Santa’s on the sofa next to me and wrapping presents for the set. I also got a small cameo as an elf! My mum was very proud.


What is your next big goal/ambition? 


My main goal is to learn as much as I can at Enterprise Screen and find out what my strengths are. I really want to build on the skills I learned at university in a professional environment. I also want to keep writing on my own time and see where that takes me.


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