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Who\'s who? Zara Brown

05DecWho's who? Zara Brown


This week we will be hearing from our Production Coordinator, Zara. With her super organisational skills, Zara makes sure everything is running smoothly throughout the entire production process. Even more essential than this, she is an excellent baker who sometimes brings us in cake!


Hello Zara, Tell us a bit about yourself!      


My name is Zara Brown, and I'm the production coordinator here at Enterprise Screen. I’m a bit of a nomad, having lived in lots of places (notably, Perth Australia, The Hague in Holland, London, Edinburgh and now Glasgow), but if I had to choose one place as home it’d be a wee teuchter town in Aberdeenshire called Torphins where I lived for 10 years whilst at school.


What did you do before Enterprise Screen?         


I worked in the Consumer Engagement team at STV, creating fun and ‘engaging’ ways to bring new users to the STV website, through giveaways/offers/competitions. A highlight of this job was calling up the winners, and telling them they had won sums of money…i’ve had every reaction from speechless, to denial!


What made you choose this career path?    

I love all things creative (I studied media and film at University), and I’m by nature very organised and methodical, so I felt I was naturally suited to this type of role.

This wasn't always the case however, as my parents love reminding me, when I was first asked what I wanted to be when I was older, I replied….a cleaning lady! 


What is your USP?     

                                                                                                                   I’ve been told by two previous employers that my best trait was reliability; they could give me a task and rest safe in the knowledge that it would be taken care of and done well, so I guess this is my USP. I get stuff done. And I can bake!


Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen?


It’s a great mix of people, and a fun environment to work in, with lots of exciting clients. I really clicked with the team when we first met (I’ve been here since October 2016), however there is no office cat…so i’m working on that!


Any standout funny moments at Enterprise Screen?   

One of my first tasks at ESP involved taking part in the casting of a Santa for an upcoming Christmas ad. You’d be surprised how many of them turned up in full Santa ‘get-up’, complete with half-moon glasses and boots - how often do you get to say you’ve interviewed 3 Santa’s today!


What is your next big goal/ambition?


As an ESP newbie, my next big goal is to do myself and my team proud by making sure all our clients leave satisfied with the work we’ve done for them. On a personal level, my next hurdle is learning to enjoy running. I can currently only run without stopping for about 5 minutes, so cheer me on if you see me huffing and puffing past you on the street. Run, Zara, Ruuuuun!


Thanks Zara!


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