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Graduate recruitment works- even for small businesses

30NovGraduate recruitment works- even for small businesses


Over the past 11 years, Enterprise Screen has been fortunate to grow: with clients, with staffing and in our capabilities and delivery worldwide. Now with offices in Glasgow, Scotland, Toledo, Ohio and Washington DC (USA), we have experienced a rapid expansion of service delivery and with that has come demand for new, talented team members.


In our early years, we knew we needed talent to grow with us and had a fairly informal process of recruitment targeting the local universities and colleges. As the company matured, this grew into our graduate programme and it continues to deliver great success. The graduate programme was developed by the company leadership to fit with our goals, objectives and our way of working. Never actually “nailed-down” into a step-by-step programme, we kept it informal and responsive to each new recruit but with clear goals set for the company and the graduate. With our first “official” recruit, our Creative Director took the lead in developing a pathway and learning programme. Now, we always rely on current staff to take the lead and shepherd the new team member through our processes and way of working.  


To call it a "philosophy" is perhaps too grand but there is a clear methodology to what we have established. As a small company with a fairly unique approach to our product and delivery, we have always had to find people that we don’t just train to deliver but nurture to understand our way of delivering, thinking and working. The graduates we have recruited over the past few years are now the mainstay of our business- they bring their own skills and talents but they also mould to our way of thinking and responding to our clients and our marketplace. 


In truth, the real solidification of the graduate recruitment process has come in more recent years. Our partnership with a funding and support package offered by the Glasgow Guarantee has proven to be central to making it work. Initially part of the Commonwealth Games legacy project, this has been one of the most incredible opportunities for us and our recruitment. Beginning with Gavin Hopkins as our first, fully supported graduate, it started perfectly. We were, in truth, feeling our way. Now, a shining example of how the scheme can work, Gavin is a great asset to our company and a fantastic role-model for those that followed. And those that followed, they did the same. Even the graduates that moved on to other places were brilliant for Enterprise Screen (and hopefully we were good for them).


"This past year working as a Digital Filmmaker for Enterprise Screen has been an incredible experience. Before I got my job through the Glasgow Guarantee scheme I was unemployed. I had just graduated from university and was claiming unemployment benefits, and really struggling to find any work at all.”  Ailsa McCaffery


Providing assistance with recruitment AND with funding has allowed us to recruit more than one person at a time on several occasions. This in turn has led to our ability to grow our capabilities and to drive our business forward. The Glasgow Guarantee has been easy to work with- simple systems, not overly heavy on paperwork and with fantastic assistance from their team. In particular, Gordon Turner has been a brilliant partner so deserves special mention. He has understood us and understood the graduates we need to get to- he has made it work. The reason this gets a special mention is because we have a fundamental belief that is core to our business. You will hear us say it- it is true: “People buy from people”. We absolutely believe that people are what make things work and it is how we relate to a product, service or organisation. This is why we place such importance on our recruitment. No matter how clever the product, the service or the funding package, without the right people, it can’t work.


We continue to recruit- not just graduates- and we are currently establishing new partnerships with universities in our bases in the U.S. and around the world. This week, it is a great pleasure to see one of our current employees from the Graduate programme, Ailsa McCaffery, being nominated for the Graduate of the Year with the Glasgow Guarantee. Ailsa is a valued member of our team and has progressed rapidly in everything she does with Enterprise Screen. She is a great example of how a small business can bring a graduate recruitment scheme to life.  


So, if you are a small company thinking a graduate scheme is something that only big companies have, think again. It will make a difference to your company and it will make a difference to our graduates. If you can get some assistance from a great scheme like the Glasgow Guarantee then all the better. Go and find out where the opportunities are and take them. Perhaps it is said best by Ailsa herself: 


“I always thought in the back of my mind that what I'd like to do most was work in the filmmaking industry. I knew how difficult it is to get a foot in the door in this type of industry, and never dreamed that I'd be able to get a full time position doing what I love. Without this job and the Glasgow Guarantee scheme I'm not sure what I would have done and definitely wouldn't be in the position I am today. This job has given me the chance to develop my skills and passion for filmmaking, and the opportunity to work with new people and become more confident in my abilities. I am in the best position I could be in to expand my skills and to prepare for my future career."


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