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Who\'s who? Ailsa McCaffery

28NovWho's who? Ailsa McCaffery


This week we’ll be speaking to our Graduate Filmmaker, Ailsa! With a keen eye for detail alongside formidable editing and photoshop skills, she works on many different aspects of the production process from beginning to end. She’s officially been with us a year, and what a year it’s been!


Hi Ailsa, tell us a bit about yourself! 


I’m Ailsa McCaffery, a Filmmaker with Enterprise Screen. I’m from Glasgow all the way, go Tigers! 


What did you do before Enterprise Screen? 


Scrambled in the dirt with everyone else after graduating from Glasgow University. Then I worked an internship as a filmmaker for a YMCA in Glasgow, making promotional videos and adverts for different activities and small businesses.  


What made you choose this career path?  


When I saw Lord of the Rings in the cinema, I knew. Or wait, I think that’s Ewan’s answer. I just love everything about film making. I think it has a perfect balance of creative and technical elements so you have to use both sides of your brain to succeed. It’s obviously got creative outlets with the story creation, writing and production, but I also enjoy the precision and technical practicalities of editing. 


What is your unique selling point? 


Like the rest of the team, I’m pretty good at keeping a cool head under pressure. No matter how well you plan and organise, things can still go wrong! I’m also handy with some sarcastic wisecracks when needed, which is surprisingly not that often. 


Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen? 


It sounded like an amazing opportunity, and one that I hadn’t come across in Glasgow before. I like that it’s a small team and we get to work on a lot of varied projects. The travel potential is also exciting. I’ve already been to far flung places like Leeds and Inverness..! 


Name a memorable project with ESP and what made it so special. 


We produced a medical-law-themed-melodrama for a client and have done for a few years. I was given the opportunity to direct our most recent episode and it was a great experience. I had a lot of fun on set and working with the actors was something I hadn’t properly done before. 


Any standout funny moments at Enterprise Screen?


Gavin and I spent a day on an internal employee course in a gluten free bread factory. There’s something surreal about looking up from being elbow deep in bread dough in an Industrial Estate at 2pm on a Tuesday and thinking, “What am I doing? What is this job?”.


What is your next big goal/ambition? 


Hopefully do some more directing and get more experience writing scripts. End game; make it to space. 


Thanks Ailsa!


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