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Who\'s who? Ewan Fletcher

21NovWho's who? Ewan Fletcher


This week we’ll be speaking to our Director, Ewan. An ideas machine, Ewan has worked on some weird and wonderful projects with us at Enterprise Screen. He has a vital role in making sure that there is a great end result for the client and goes above and beyond to achieve this!


Hello Ewan! Tell us a bit more about yourself.     


My name is Ewan Fletcher and I’m the Director at Enterprise Screen - originally from Aberdeen.  


What did you do before Enterprise Screen? 


I started work at Enterprise Screen shortly after graduating with a degree in History from Glasgow University.      


Why did you choose this career path?  


I’ve been fascinated by filmmaking and storytelling from an early age, so I always knew that production was the area I wanted to move into. When the opportunity came up at Enterprise Screen I grabbed it, as I could see it was an environment where I could get a really broad range of experience and develop my craft.  


What is your unique selling point? 


I would say I’m pretty good at keeping a cool head and finding solutions when it seems like everything is going wrong (which as anyone who’s ever worked in filmmaking will know it sometimes does!).

Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen?   


The range of work here is incredibly varied, one week I could be working on a new television commercial for the NHS in Scotland, the next week I could be on the plane to film a corporate job in China! 


Name a memorable project with ESP and what made it so special.  


There have been so many! One that sticks out in my mind was spending a week in Peru where we filmed in some of the world’s largest glass manufacturing facilities. It probably doesn’t sound that exciting, but these factories were extraordinary, resembling something out of Star Wars… 


Any standout funny moments at Enterprise Screen?  


I was once left inside a Lemur enclosure for 2 hours. It was a spiritual experience in which I bonded with a tribe of 150 lemurs and a giant tortoise.  


What is you next big goal/ambition? 


It’s always about trying to push the bar, improve what we are doing and continuing to deliver great films for our clients.  


Thanks Ewan!


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