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Who\'s Who? Leanne Milligan

14NovWho's Who? Leanne Milligan


This week we will be hearing from our Office Coordinator Leanne!  She is instrumental in making sure everything is running smoothly for us at Enterprise Screen and knows exactly when to offer us all snacks that she’s brought in from home (last week was roasted peanuts!). 


Hello Leanne, Tell us a bit about yourself!


I’m Leanne Milligan - Office Coordinator at Enterprise Screen. Born and bred Glaswegian! 


What did you do before Enterprise Screen? 


Before Enterprise Screen, I was a magazine editor and further to this, explored a career in Public Relations where I worked across and managed various fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and food accounts. The food ones in particular were fun since everyone knows I’m a foodie at heart! 


What made you choose this career path?  


I was looking for a change of career/new direction and production had always been a field I was interested in. The Office Coordinator role at Enterprise Screen was a great way to gain an insight into this field and has already provided me with a fantastic overview and valuable skills that I can develop further. 


What is your Unique Selling Point? 


I would probably have to say my attention to detail and fun sense of humour! Both of which have been vital to my previous career experience as well as my current role at Enterprise Screen. 


Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen? 


The role at Enterprise Screen came along at the right time and pathway at my career - I’m a big believer in fate! Having temped with the company for a few weeks before being offered the Office Coordinator role, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the production field and process as well as working at a company that has such a diverse range of clients and great ambitions. The team in particular have been fantastic since I started back in July so they are definitely another reason that made me want to develop my career further at ESP. 


Name a career highlight! 


If I had to pick one defining career highlight (so far), I'd have to go with setting up my own magazine. I graduated the year the recession hit and I (along with many other graduates that year) struggled to find a graduate job in my career path and spent a lot of time (and money) doing unpaid internships in London. As much as the internships were a great experience and insight for me, I felt that they weren't enough to make me stand out as a potential recruit and, as I always had an interest in magazines, I researched ways I could set one up in order to gain myself and other graduates further industry experience. 


In 2011, I set the magazine up and over the course of a year edited the magazine with a great team of contributors, attending London Fashion Week shows, interviewing celebrities such as Mel B (yes the Spice Girl!), Steve-O, Sean Lennon, Fearne Cotton, McFly, Rachel Bilson...and many more. It was a defining moment in my career and really did lead to many further opportunities within the media industry following it. Don't ask me how I did it, I literally have no idea! 


Any standout funny moments at Enterprise Screen? 


There was the time I fell down the stairs to the kitchen (and couldn't stop laughing as it was one of those epic comic falls) but then again, no one knows about that…


What is your next big goal/ambition? 


I’ve always considered myself an ambitious person and my goal in life is to continue developing my career and my personal ‘life’ goals. I’m a keen learner and have an appetite to learn as much as I can! I’m also at the tail end of my 30 at 30 list I’ve been conducting this year (30 things to do the year I’m 30) so wish me luck with that, especially the Ben Nevis one!  


Thanks Leanne!


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