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Who\'s who? Gavin Hopkins

08NovWho's who? Gavin Hopkins


This week we will be hearing from our Producer, Gavin Hopkins. An intrinsic cog in the Enterprise Screen wheel, Gavin has worked with us on exciting projects around the world. We know if we want to get the best end result for our client, we’re in safe hands with Gavin!


Hello Gavin! Can you introduce yourself to us?


I’m Gavin Hopkins, our Producer and sometime Director of Photography for the bigger commercial shoots. I was born in Cornwall but I’ve lived almost my entire life in Scotland, although you wouldn’t think it to hear me speak.  

What did you do before Enterprise Screen? 

 I was a freelance camera operator and before that a student . 


What made you choose this career path?  


I started making films with my friends when I was a teenager, they all grew up and went on to have proper professions. I didn’t. 


What would you say your unique selling point is?


I like to think that I’m easy to get on with and pretty good at remaining outwardly calm even when under pretty intense pressure or stress. My biggest selling point though is probably my eye for an image, in both the creative stages of pre-production, when imaging how the finished product will look, and when out filming on set or location. It’s not exactly a unique attribute at Enterprise Screen but it is something that I really excel at.  


Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen? 


Going freelance straight out of uni was tough and I liked the idea of constantly working on different projects for lots of different clients. Enterprise Screen offered that in spades.


Name a memorable project with ESP and what made it so special.


Probably one of our projects that involved international travel. I’ve been to 12 different countries with them on 14 separate trips. The “Fire and Sand” shoot in Peru was probably a stand out, particularly because the subject matter was so visually interesting and the resulting film came out so well.


I also had a blast on the “Continuous Improvement” shoot in Colorado. It’s stressful traveling with equipment on your own but Ryan and Jenna from O-I were a great help and everyone at the Windsor plant was super helpful and accommodating. Also Colorado has an amazing craft brewing scene and where else in the world can you get a maple syrup and bacon milkshake?! 


Any standout funny moments at Enterprise Screen? 


Not many that are repeatable. There’s been plenty of moments when you take a step back and realise how bizarre the situation is. When you’re following a blue wizard running round a furniture store, firing an air cannon full of plastic leaves all over actors or flying halfway around the world to film bottles, it certainly doesn’t feel like an ordinary job.  


Despite all of the exciting shoots though the biggest stand out moments for me are always when we finish editing a film and get a chance to share it with the client. Seeing/hearing their positive reactions to our work is always the most satisfying feeling.  


What is you next big goal/ambition? 


I really want to work on bigger and better productions. We’ve all been talking a lot recently about scaling up what we do, particularly with commercials and that’s already started to happen with the Power of Attorney campaign. I’m hoping to work on some great stuff next year and really up the game with what I can offer clients both in terms of production values and creative input.


Thanks Gavin!


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