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Explore Largs: How video advertising reaches new audiences.

03NovExplore Largs: How video advertising reaches new audiences.


At Enterprise screen, we believe that video is the best way to get the message across to your audience. For over 11 years, we’ve worked with clients from all sectors to deliver video communications that deliver measurable results.  


In Spring 2015 we began our partnership with Explore Largs, developing a video communications strategy and campaign that helped to bring people back to this town. Initially this delivered TV and online advertising in a collaborative campaign. We knew that we could deliver best value by helping Explore Largs target audiences specifically and instantly split the campaign into 4 parts- saving money and delivering more. This involved one 30” TV advert and three 10” adverts to run alongside that, along with an innovative and engaging online marketing campaign through social media. 


“Enterprise Screen's response was spot on: capturing iconic scenes and activities which Largs is famous for. The camera work was first class, and the value for money of the finished TV ad was excellent.’” John Hamilton, BID Manager



How we work: From online to TV and back again. 


“We are a video communications agency that thinks and acts differently- we want to understand you, your customers and build a profile of how your audiences interact with your messaging. Then we want to deliver your message in the most engaging and effective video possible.” Brendan Smith, Creative Director 


All of our video projects are designed around objectives and getting results. When you tell us you want a video to showcase your town, we ask “who do you want to target and why?”. It has to be about results- results drive your town forward and deliver your objectives. Video is an important tool that fits into your overall communications and marketing strategy and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can start with online and build to TV if you want- or even just stick with online.  Our results from online campaigns have been impressive and it really does work- your audience want more video!  


Explore Largs Social Media 


Our Explore Largs social media campaign ran from May to August 2016. Although our main audience for this was the central belt of Scotland, we used Facebook ads to target locations in the West and East of Scotland, focusing on large cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh. We did this by adjusting the voiceovers for each specific area, altering the post content to suit the target audience and location targeting through Facebook. While each video was different, it was a very cost effective series of changes that helped to really target specific audiences.  


Our Social Media Coordinator tracked the progress of these campaigns on all platforms and oversaw the Explore Largs Facebook page, making it more suitable for the general “tourist” audience and attractive to potential visitors. The campaign delivered a 60% increase in engagement with the Explore Largs Facebook page. Facebook was targeted as the primary platform to deliver a niche audience of adults, families and couples within specific locations. Our videos reached a total of 277,064 views. That’s over half a million people engaging with the messaging from Explore Largs. Twitter was also effective in taking the message to over 50,000 people. But it didn’t stop there, we knew where the audience were and how to reach them- Youtube is still a great platform for targeted viewing and we used pre-roll ads to generate over 35,000 engagements with the Explore Largs message.  


When making video for this we knew we had to reflect the target audience- show real people that our audience could relate to and take them to Largs.


“Every place has it's own character. It's about finding what's unique to that particular place and then bringing that out in the advert. It's not about just saying a town is great in an attempt to appeal to everyone, you want to reach people who are genuinely going to love what it is that you have to offer.”  Ewan Fletcher, Director 


Our series of online clips starring a family with kids and a 20-something couple on their visit to Largs was viewed over 120,000 times. Over the course of our campaign we engaged audiences and we brought people to Largs!  


Largs Live: 70,203 views 

Classic Cars Festival: 65,715 views

Largs Food Festival: 23, 945 views

Total views across all platforms: over 300,000 views! 


So, how can we help with video?  


With one shop closing on the Scottish High Street every week, it is vitally important that local towns and business utilise new media to showcase what they have to offer. We can help and we can get video that works, not just for your audience, but for your budget. Talk to us now about how Enterprise Screen can build your profile and deliver results.  




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