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Who\'s who? Jamie Smith

31OctWho's who? Jamie Smith


For our first ever ‘Who’s who?’ we have our Executive Director Jamie Smith. Jamie helped found Enterprise Screen in 2005 and has just moved over to the USA to set up our offices in Washington and Ohio!  


Hello Jamie! Tell us a bit about yourself. 


I’m Jamie, one of the founding members of the Enterprise Screen team. I grew up in a small town in Fife just north of Edinburgh, across the famous Forth bridges. It’s called Inverkeithing- famous for being an ancient Royal Burgh and the birth place of the founder of the Russian Navy…Admiral Samuel Greig, but you all knew that.  


What did you do before Enterprise Screen?


Before Enterprise Screen I had started a small video production company with friends in London…but all of the business came from Scotland. I also worked with sheep…as an animal health officer during the foot and mouth crisis. Yes, ask me about that, I think there’s a book in it.  


What made you choose this career path?


I can almost remember the moment exactly. I was in high school and had been considering (insanely) a career in medicine, yes, honestly. Then I was sitting in my first Higher Maths class before the summer break at the start of 5th year and decided that this was not for me.


My interest had already been moving to storytelling- in fact, if I’m honest, that was always my interest. People and stories. So, I walked out of that class, went to the student advisor and said I was changing all of my subject areas and not going to complete Higher Maths. I regret not doing maths but I don’t regret changing! I love the feeling I still get when seeing a few carefully chosen images combined with some narrative and music. It’s all about that emotional response.  


What would you say your USP is? 


I love people- I love speaking to people. I love finding out what is the essence of them and discovering their story. I do this all the time- on flights, on trips, with our team…yes, I’m that guy that is always chatting to someone. I find people fascinating and my worst nightmare is being on my own! This translates to my USP- I can find the story in anything and everyone. It is my personal indulgence but also my greatest asset.   

Why did you choose to work for Enterprise Screen? 


I love this company and I love what we do- the people we have built around us project everything that I want about my work. I honestly can say, I love my job and I love the company. It is an extension of me. It is a dream job.   


Name a memorable project with ESP and what made it so special.


I remember our first film. The initial brief was to make a film that informed audiences about a project but when I met the people involved, I knew we had more than this. It was made with some fairly basic kit and was a little clunky from a technical and production value perspective but it hit home the message. It conveyed such emotion and gave the audience more than the key facts- it told a story. It was made so long ago it was produced on VHS video! So I don’t even know if we have it in our archive. It was about the Ravenscraig Regeneration project.  


Any standout funny moments at Enterprise Screen?


There have been sooooo many funny times. We love a laugh. For some reason, the travel stories always make me laugh. Hearing from the team as they’ve been in some weird and wonderful places or being with them myself.


I absolutely LOVED being in a restaurant with Gavin in the USA a few years ago. It was where you picked various inputs to your meal from a bar and then they cooked it for you. Gavin’s fusion of Italian/Mexican/Asian pasta was life changing. 


What is you next big goal/ambition? 


I am excited about how we help clients do more with video- for me, it’s not just about simply making a video but it is still often where we are brought in. Yes, we can make great video, but we want to be there when the objectives are set. We want to be part of the planning and the goals of our clients- that way, we can really make video work. I also want to meet President Obama.


 Thanks Jamie! 


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