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Communicating with Video- Mr Smith goes to Washington

14AprCommunicating with Video- Mr Smith goes to Washington

In February, as part of our new work in the US, our Executive Director Jamie Smith travelled to Washington D.C to speak at ‘The Visual Communications and Infographics Summit for Corporate Communication’.

As well as having the world’s catchiest name, the summit brought together executives from digital communications, marketing and PR to share their tips on using visual storytelling as a tool.

Experienced film-makers and communications experts made up the impressive list of speakers. Speeches on how to ‘hook your audience’, ‘increase engagement’ and ‘re-purpose content for different platforms’ were attended by delegates from big name organisations such as The World Bank, the FBI and Nintendo.

In Jamie’s presentation ‘Lightening Talk: Enterprise Screen’s 5 Steps to Video Perfection’, he shared his most effective tips for creating the best video content.  Jamie found the whole experience to be very positive:

‘It was great to hear ideas from such a diverse group of people all working in communications. They all had an individual approach to video, but also all had an appreciation that they needed to use video.’

‘It really surprised me how much everybody learned from each other! Not just from the presentations but from the questions people were asking the speakers, that was when it became a real, big learning experience. I learnt loads from all of the presenters and I also learnt loads from the questions.’

I was disappointed that we didn’t have time to take any questions in the open forum. What we did have was a queue of people at our desk, waiting to ask the questions and then we ran out of time for that as well. I tried to rush through it all in ten minutes and we just wanted the opportunity to speak to them again and give people the chance to get back to us individually.

After taking on board some of the feedback and audience interest, we have adapted Jamie’s presentation for the web.  You might find some of the tips helpful or even inspire you to go and take up the camera yourself! Let us know what you think and what you are doing with video.   


The Visual Communications and Infographics Summit for Corporate Communication was presented by Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc. and the Public Relations Society of America and was sponsored by Enterprise Screen Communications (US).


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