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Staff Profile- Matt O\'Donnell

30DecStaff Profile- Matt O'Donnell

Relaxed, Responsive, Reassuring


Matt has a wide range of video production experience including documentary, news, sports, comedy and live events. While he sits most comfortably in the editor’s chair, he is skilled across all aspects of production, from research and script development, to camera operating and sound recording. He also has a passion for learning something new and is always on the lookout for new skills he can bring to our productions. 

His love of, and previous work in, television has allowed him to develop a knowledge of what people watch. More importantly, how to shoot and edit a project to reach the desired audience while also staying creative to ensure your video is one of a kind!

Above all, Matt strives to devote himself to the client and cater for their wishes. He believes the purpose of a video is to tell a story and his ultimate goal is to tell the best one possible for you!


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