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What our clients say: Alan Frame, MDDUS

11DecWhat our clients say: Alan Frame, MDDUS

Delivering professional video in an online channel 

It’s always great to be told you are doing a good job and we are delighted that one of our key clients, the Medical and Dental Defence Union Scotland (MDDUS) has taken time to talk on camera about our work, our impact and how we have partnered with them to create fantastic video.

Over the past 2 years we have worked with MDDUS to create a complete online channel of video for their members.  This brings together their learning and development in a series of key formats that has helped them to reach their audience in a dynamic, engaging and fun way.  It really is like presenting a TV channel- they have shows that deliver information and learning in a familiar “news format” as well as their own house drama “Bleak Practice” that uses ongoing characters and engaging storylines to deliver messaging and learning.  We have also used discussion panel formats as well as direct to camera presenting for more educational content. 

Throughout our time working with MDDUS the real key has been to partner with their excellent team to establish what works best and what their audience will respond to.  The most exciting aspect from our perspective is their commitment to building their content, learning from responses and modifying their approach.  This is by far the most intelligent and impressive way to start using video and will continue to deliver results.

But, don’t take it from us!  Listen to Alan Frame talking about how we work with MDDUS and make up your own mind. 

You can find out more about MDDUS by their site.  Much of the content is only available to members but you can view some of their trailers and clips via our website. 



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