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Top 10 tips for when your flight is delayed

03NovTop 10 tips for when your flight is delayed

As the fog continues to blanket much of the UK, we had a quick talk about our own travel experiences and dropped together some ideas for filling that space at the airport when travel delay strikes! We've all been there.  Here's our thoughts. 


The first thing you are going to need to do is find power- almost all of these tasks will involve using up valuable power on your ipad, laptop or phone so don’t get caught out and have to use a payphone! Imagine?!  If you don’t have a charger for any of your items, get hold of a pen and paper, it’s not as bad as you think!

Secondly- you will want to be updated on your flight regularly and hopefully not be too distracted.  Get your info first and work out how long you will have.  If it is indefinite, it is worthwhile downloading an app to keep you updated.  Your airline may have this or the airport itself so do some searching or ask around- get settled in and don’t have that endless loop of getting up, wandering down to the screens just to see the same information.  Failing this, get a seat next to a screen. 

Finally, if you have the option to put on some headphones while working away, it’s not a bad idea.  Airports are noisy and full of people at the best of times.  Even if you have the option of a lounge then it will be busier than usual.  A quick tip- if you know you will be in the airport for several hours, it is worth perhaps looking at the pay-at-the-door option for some of the lounges.  Free refreshments and light snacks for several hours and a nice, relaxed atmosphere is sometimes worth paying for!

Here are our ideas:

Be Creative

  • Start writing that novel you’re always on about- everyone has it in them?  Be smart about this- you are only going to be delayed a few hours so you’re not going to write the whole thing but start planning it.  This great site is a good source of info for structure and planning. 
  • Create a photo book of the year- for family, for partners, for someone that will like to see your selfies.  Lots of options out there- Apple Phonebooks are expensive but high quality, there are lots of other options too however.  You can create your apple book offline from your photo library on your laptop so that has some advantage.  If not, there are lots of online versions- provided you have some decent wifi that won't burn your data!
  • A novel too much?  Try putting together a short article sharing your wisdom and insight with the world, heck, even Linkedin might suit for a publishing space!? Think about what you want to say, put it together and then make sure you take a picture!
  • How about creating a comic strip- it doesn’t have to be the greatest ever written but could illustrate your day, your week, your life…it could of course be entirely fictional. 
  • Find a classic album you’ve never listened to.  Get it setup as a playlist on spotify or another streaming service and listen to it all the way through.  There are some great sites out there about the making of particular albums- so often we only listen to single songs these days but an album is a creation in itself.  Get it on.

Be productive- save money

  • Manage your money- how many of us actually know what is in our accounts and what comes out every month? Apparently, it’s a small minority.  Careful planning can bring some serious savings- from budget planning to food planning.  It can all save you cash.

Be romantic

  • Plan a trip with your significant other- checkout some of the deals available, find your city or town of choice, research the places to eat and sleep, get the best option for travel and go do it.  It doesn’t have to be hundreds of miles from home either- some of the best short breaks are sometimes within an hour from home.  It makes it easy to jump in the car or take a lovely train ride on a Saturday morning.  You know the sites to search for this, right?
  • Write a love letter- stats show that this is almost a thing of the past but imagine the surprise your significant other will get in a few days, after your long delay, a real, YES REAL letter drops onto the mat.  Of course, you don’t give advance notice of this.  Just do it and then forget about it.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.  Checkout this guide to getting the perfect love letter written.

A bonus for 11, Be friendly

A good, old-fashioned idea…talk to people! Take off the headphones, shut the laptop, put away the phone.  Go grab a coffee and chat.  It’s actually quite fun. 


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