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Whisky galore! Video advertising.

27OctWhisky galore! Video advertising.

As another busy week heads into the playground of the weekend, we've been talking Whisky! 

As a company with some fairly distinct Scottish roots, we have both a love and appreciation of all things alcohol.  Whisky, our national drink (of the boozy variety) comes with centuries of heritage.  It is always made the same way if it is to have the distinction of being called Scotch Whisky- water, malted barley and oak barrels for at least 3 years is pretty much the rules.  So, with such a revered manufacturing process and a consumer profile that is nothing short of devout, the drink itself has a special place in our hearts and is greatly admired around the world. 

So, when it comes to a dram (the Scot’s word for a drink of whisky) what do you do?  A quick office straw poll brought out some perhaps, fairly typical thinking:

“I like my malt in a glass with a tiny bit of water, like one or two drops."

“Sometimes when I drink a good malt I have 1 single ice cube”

“There are only 2 ways- one with a little water and with no water!”

Unsurprisingly, a few very traditional drinking methods. 

But, the times they are a changing!  Just like the Cognac industry, the old rigidity of consumption methods is melting away like the ice in a Cognac Long! 

We have recently been working with a small, boutique whisky brand that is really stirring and shaking things up, and they have some of the biggest and possibly most traditionally-minded names in whisky talking them up too!  Is it time to think of good whisky as an essential part of a cocktail cabinet?  We certainly think so- it’s all about what goes into the mix, right? 

The best of ingredients make the best of recipes and Dram Orach is setting themselves out as the right blend to fix your drinks.  Don’t take our word for it, listen to the one of the world authorities on Whisky.  While they love their new unbridled freedom they also nod to those that like the more traditional drinking options- and that’s key to their brand.  The old with the new. 

You can see some of these fantastic cocktail recipes below and hear from Charles McLean too. 

Slàinte mhòr!



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