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Social Media and video

30OctSocial Media and video

Are you using social media? You can use video to bring your audience closer to your message.

Virtually everyone is using social media in one way or the other- it may be you have your personal page, your company page as well as groups and events you have in your life. Even those without a personal presence use social media to keep in touch with their interests, news, events and causes.

Our videos work well within this rich fabric of content. We can deliver short, energetic campaigns or detailed information that gets to the heart of the issue. You might want to simply engage your audience online- get them thinking about your product or service or simply have some fun with content to entertain and be shared.

All of this is possible within budgets of all sizes. Our recent work has combined great value online, broadcast and social media content and we continue to serve our clients across the public, private and independent sector.

If you are using social media now, we can help you make the most of your impact with video and content that will inspire your audience. Contact us now for a chat about your ideas. And of course, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with everything from Enterprise Screen Video.


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