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Super social media skills?

17AprSuper social media skills?

Social Media Campaign Coordinator. Job Ref: ESP025

CLOSING DATE: Weds 24th May 2017, 12pm

We need social media experts to join our expanding team and help us reach the right audiences with the right content for our clients.  You know we already make great video so that’s going be there to share but we want to take our messaging to audiences with smart, intelligent and tenacious ferocity...ok, maybe not ferociously but definitely bold and different.  We need collaborative thinking- balancing the needs and messaging of our client with our creative desires to push boundaries.  You will need to be completely capable and immersed in social media: spotting trends before they’re trends, seeing content before it’s needed and designing engaging posts within the structures of the world’s biggest social networks.

It’s not just about content but content is key.  We need you to see right to the heart of the target audience and get them talking.  Planning and structure is vital- bringing our campaigns into reality on message, on budget, on time.  

The ideal person for us is a highly collaborative professional with a broad range of skills in content creation, writing, photography, GIF and animation creation and client-facing experience.  You will drive our client’s social content and be there to respond when we need to.  


  • Develop social media plans including budgets, schedules and content strategy

  • Manage multiple projects of various types and from a wide range of sectors with attention to detail and brand conformity

  • Facilitate and design client-specific approval processes for clients

  • Design the right voice for each client- writing posts and updates across all mediums.

  • Liaise with multiple partners and stakeholders to broaden the reach of our campaigns

  • Manage campaigns- paid for and organic - and deliver creative inputs at all times

  • Provide regular reporting, adapting to audiences and making recommendations for strategy updates

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate with internal team members across multiple levels

  • Have excellent organization and time management skills

  • Technical knowledge in social media platforms and production software and always be learning more


  • University/college degree or equivalent in marketing, business or adaptable field

  • 2+ years working in a social media and marketing role

  • Experience delivering campaigns across all platforms

  • Detailed technical skill base in campaign setup and management in all platforms

  • Experience writing detailed reports using analytics and insights

  • Experience using apps, mobile and DSLR capturing to create pictures and GIFS

  • Managing input from multiple sources- creating content that works for the audience

  • Ability to juggle multiple projects at once in a demanding, fast-paced environment

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills both verbal and written

  • Strong background in conceptual and visual thinking

All candidates must submit a link to social media campaigns delivered or contributed to with a note pointing out key inputs References from each project may be required. Apply with CV and cover letter quoting JOB REFERENCE to 



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