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Your video, your logo: it is important to us!

24JanYour video, your logo: it is important to us!

Enterprise Screen Videographer Jennifer Kerr has a keen eye for detail and she is meticulous when it comes to both her preparation and post-production for our clients. In this piece, she outlines the importance of your logos and branding and helps show you how you can get it right. The examples of when a logo that is too small is provided are really helpful and explain why we need your files in the highest of quality.

We make corporate and promotional videos everyday, which means we inevitably have to deal with one very important asset: logos. Every company has one; its a vital part of selling your brand and identifying your company. Have you ever played the game Logo Quiz on your phone? Every big company is easily identifiable by their logo, thats why they are all on level 1! Some companies are even referred to by their logo, you would know what I was talking about if I referred to the "golden arches", right?

Many companies we deal with rarely have a high-quality copy of their own logo close to hand. Very often, when I receive an email from a client with their logo attached I hold my breathe and sigh when I see it is only 16kb in size; or in a word document; or worst of all, merely offering the logo in the signature of their email. Its very hard not to sound patronising when explaining that these are not at a resolution high enough to use or in the wrong format and its always uncomfortable. We always want to do the best possible job and in order to do this, its really important that we get the right logos- its as important as getting the name of your MD right in the titles!

Our documents explaining preferred formats and resolutions are all part of our production methods and we are in the process of reviewing these. We know that dealing with graphics and logos is very often handled by particular departments, not directly attached to the project manager. The key to this is understanding how your organisation values its branding and finding the right people to ask for the files. It is commonplace for smaller companies to outsource their graphics to a third-party and this is most likely the best place to ask if you cannot readily lay your hands on the correct file. Failing this, or if the person/business that created the branding are not possible to contact, a quick group email can usually find the files.

So, with all this in mind, these examples demonstrate how this works.

Image 1 is a 3 kB 50x50 pixel logo as it would appear on an HD TV screen, tiny and unidentifiable and will not work for our products or your branding.

 photo CorporateVideoLogo1_zpsb18607db.jpg

Image 2 is the same 3 kB logo blown-up (expanded out with our editing tools) to try and make it visible. Do you like it?

 photo CorporateVideologo2_zps28ff907c.jpg

Image 3 is a higher resolution logo set to the same size as image 2. There really is no contest- bright, clear, impressive. Thats your brand and thats why we care.

 photo CorporateVideoLogo3_zps801ff6bc.jpg


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