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Staff Profile- Jay Smith

19NovStaff Profile- Jay Smith

Creative, authoritative, progressive

Jay is chair of the company and one of the key, founding partners. Over the years he has had many roles- in business, on screen and in life. As an actor he played the character of Peter Craig in Take the High Road for 10 years (from 1982 to 1992). He had previously played the regular character of Howie Watson in the fore-runner to STVs Scottish soap, Garnock Way and had several years of experience in Scottish Theatre and broadcast Drama.

He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama from 1971 to 1974 completing a Degree in Dramatic Arts (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland).

His career in acting began after a period in hospital- a leg-break - and the opportunity to work with award winning director Bob MacDonald by delivering the voice-over part of a young boy in a documentary production about the cruise ship Canberra. Later roles included playing Robert Burns and other amateur dramatic parts before making the decision to enter the craft via professional training.

For over 35 years, Jay has continued to act in productions of all types (including some for Enterprise Screen!).

Since 1997 Jay has pursued a career as an entrepreneur having several companies within a broad range of sectors as well as continuing his interest in broadcasting, video and film with Enterprise Screen. His presence in the company brings a range of experience, project management as well as business and development. In addition, Jay continues to develop projects for broadcast with our in-house production team as well as freelance writers and directors. He is currently working on a feature film, Drama and documentary project.




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