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Staff Profile- Freelance Video Production

14NovStaff Profile- Freelance Video Production

Videography, Graphics, Sound and Animation

Enterprise Screen employs a range of freelance staff on a project-by-project basis in order to bring a diverse selection of skills and options for our clients. This presents the best flexibility and opportunity to add unique features to each project. All staff are employed with the highest technical and creative standards and we have built a strong team of regular staff that we work with.

While our in-house team deliver the vast majority of our work throughout pre-production, production and post-production, some projects benefit from additional staffing. This can include anything from additional support with Runners and Production Assistants through to broadcast Director of Photography, Colourists, special effects and sound recording.

In addition to some freelance staff, we also use a select group of providers for specialist equipment, locations or facilities. This includes studio facilities, Outside Broadcast and large-scale production support.

All staff, whether freelance or house bring the same key qualities to our work- creativity, value and professionalism.


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