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Consistently excellent video: supporting the arts in Scotland

20SepConsistently excellent video: supporting the arts in Scotland

Consistently excellent video: Enterprise Screen supporting the arts in Scotland

Creative partnership brings success, engagement and builds audiences.

Just 5 years ago there was virtually nothing virtual about the Theatre. For centuries it had existed on the stage and performance venues familiar to us all as the curtain rises and the action begins. As audiences expected more from this branch of the arts, it was slowly embraced by the creative but traditional collection of artists and performers working in this sector.

Enterprise Screen began creating short behind the scenes pieces for the Lyceum Theatre in the Winter of 2007 with a series of interviews with Director Jemima Levick (now Artistic Director at Dundee Rep) as she worked on A Glass Menagerie. This quickly evolved into bringing audiences more and more of the production and has become a regular feature of the online presence of this contemporary Scottish theatre.

Trailers take a number of forms. They are often planned and designed well in advance of a show commencing with consultation and creative direction coming from both the Lyceum and Enterprise Screen staff. There can be challenges along the way- short shooting schedules, limited time with cast, no costumes-the list is long. Trailers are usually shot within 1 day and bring a range of techniques into play: video graphics, special effects, sound and music production. Other productions are filmed as complete archives and a cut produced from this. Our trailers with the Lyceum cover every conceivable approach to film-making for the online audience.

The Lyceum Youtube channel continues to be a vital part of their audience engagement. Over 200,000 views of their film content to date and combined with previous channels, enterprise screen embeds and other online hosts this figure reaches to over half a million views. Many of their productions continue to feature in the top ranked google searches for titles and authors of particular plays: try Lieutenant of Inishmore for fun.

We continue to innovate and expand this work and look forward to bringing audiences great video coverage for theatre and arts events.

You can see more of our great content by visiting the Lyceum Theatre Youtube channel or checking our website for further information.


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