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Can Edinburgh do Lunch? Edinburgh Video

19JulCan Edinburgh do Lunch? Edinburgh Video

We work hard, sure, but we like to play hard-

As John Barnes once said, "after 90 minutes of sheer hell, youre gonna get thirsty". When we are out on a shoot, we often do more than 90 minutes and while its not usually in the category of sheer hell playing for England or some other third-rate squad (Scotland), we do get both thirsty and of course, hungry.

While so many shoots leave us hugely satisfied (impressed and emotional) with the incredible range of creative and inspiring visuals we achieve, it is not uncommon for our crew of heroes (sometimes with clients in tow) to be saddened, disheartened and sorrowful at the lunch we are sometimes forced to consume.

Tomorrow is different. We call on the people of Edinburgh to come to our rescue! We are filming all day; we will be sweaty; filthy; faces covered in mud and grit (still stylish however) and we will be hungry. Probably around 1pm.

Do you have what it takes to get this crew of 4 feeling like they have just been to the wedding of their lives, with a free bar, excellent temperature controlled surroundings (including fans on the dance-floor) and a buffet that keeps on giving, even after it has been eaten?! Well we want to hear from you.

We want to spend 20 and feed 4 people with something filling, delicious, easily consumed by hand or basic cutlery and at least with 1 drink thats not water. We might even film it for our records-and yours!

Come on Edinburgh, get isotonic ("in balance with our body fluids") with us!

Tweet us out and we will head to our preferred supplier for 1pm!

NB: must be within city centre area and legally allowed to sell food to people for money!


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