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Staff Profile- Tony Stapleton, CEO

05JulStaff Profile- Tony Stapleton, CEO


Tony Stapleton

Chief Executive: Strategic, Responsive, Innovative

Tony Stapleton has done it all. No, honestly, he actually has. Professional Footballer, Barman, Support Worker, Traffic Warden, Lego Engineer, Tennis Coach, Chef, Talk-show-host-who better to be at the controls of a complex and powerful machine like Enterprise Screen!

As our strategic oracle, Tony finds himself directing the business development of the company as well as delivering our results within a very competitive market.

Tony has managed projects with multi-million pound budgets, developed concepts and creative programmes with local, national and European funding as well as being at the helm of the complex group of companies within the Enterprise family. He has been parachuted into the breach of well-established government projects, neared certain-death and diced with evil enemies (administrative) and come back from the brink to celebrate with tea, toast, a fully-fried breakfast and a bowl of grapefruit that he didnt eat but took as it helped him look healthier at the buffet bar. Thats our guy.


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