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Royal Visit for Clydebank- live event video

04JulRoyal Visit for Clydebank- live event video

Royal visit for special place: St Margaret of Scotland Hospice

St Margaret of Scotland Hospice in Clydebank is a very special place. Without question, offering unrivalled care and compassion for families and patients approaching the end of life.

For the past 4 years, Enterprise Screen has worked in partnership with the hospice to deliver a range of video and multi-media resources- it has included a fantastic History Room with graphic displays, interactive touch-screen panels as well as a cinema display and seating area with hours of comprehensive (interactive) video. In addition to this, we have helped bring experiences of patients, families and health professionals into a wider domain to assist in policy formation, professional learning, shaping the delivery of palliative care with insight and engagement.

The Hospice hosts Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on Wednesday 4th July and Enterprise Screen will ensure that the occasion is recorded for the ongoing history of the hospice. Already, the hospice is looking better than ever- flags of all varieties throughout the fantastic campus: Sisters of Charity, the United Kingdom and of course, the Scottish Saltire.

While the Jubilee may not be for all, it is unquestionable that this event means so much to the people of Clydebank and recognises the incredible work that the hospice does for people at one of the most difficult times of life. Her Majesty\s visit recalls previous occasions and visits over the years and it is perhaps no coincidence that St Margaret of Scotland Hospice shares its history with the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Enterprise Screen are proud to be part of the celebrations for the hospice and look forward to continuing to support their incredible work.

Visit the hospice website for more information on the hospice and to view some of their films.


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